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 Motorcycle passenger handle grip on tank

The tank handle is a revolutionary system created to meet the needs of motorcycle users when they are carrying a passenger, available for the following motorcycles: HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI & KAWASAKI (compatible only with the motorcycle models displayed on the website).

The handle allows the passengers to ride safely on the motorcycle and eliminates discomfort, the driver of the motorcycle no longer being bothered by the passenger during acceleration, braking and not lastly, while taking curves, when most of the time it is hard for the passenger to hold on.

The design of this handle has been intended to not interfere with the driver while driving, this having a fluid form, without margins, its design being fully adapted to the tank where this handle is fastened with screws (in only 5 minutes), respecting the current design and aerodynamics of current sport motorcycles.The mounting screws go in the same factory holes provided in the cover of the tank.

This motorcycle handle offers the passenger a natural and especially aerodynamic position, which does not create discomfort and fatigue on long trips, especially compared to conventional systems that are behind the passenger on some motorcycles.

The passenger’s hands no longer slip on the tank, and the passenger can hold onto the handle good, without bothering the driver of the motorcycle. This way, the passenger has an increased sense of safety.

Created by a team of specialists with the latest technologies of computerized design, respecting the highest standards of the automotive/motor industry, this handle had only one goal: passenger safety.

The material used is extremely durable, having a high density polyamide structure, high resistance to compression/pulling, being virtually indestructible. It cannot be broken. In the stress/resistance tests it was subjected to loads of several tones of force without breaking.

Handle mounting

Stretching Test