• Moto Grip H2
  • Honda Cbr Handle
  • Yamaha Grip
  • Passenger Handle on tank
  • Suzuki H2



Results obtained when using the motorcycle handle:

By using the motorcycle handle for the passenger, you bring extra safety and comfort to your rides with a second person. The passenger holds firmly on to the handle, the lateral swing at curves is reduced and the driver is no longer suffocated by the desperate grip of the passenger.

Are there any risks related to the use of this motorcycle handle?

No risks. To the contrary, using the motorcycle handle is especially useful in increasing safety when you have a passenger behind you. The perfect accessory for two person rides.

What materials are used?

The handle is not made of rigid aluminum, on the contrary of high-density polyamide extremely resistant and at the same time slightly elastic to prevent the transmission of vibrations or shocks to the passenger’s hands or driver's chest(when he put brake violently), thus ensuring maximum comfort and resistance.

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