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Yamaha Passenger Tank Handle Grip



All the mounting screws are  included in pack.

The tank handle is compatible with the following YAMAHA MOTORCYCLES:

Passenger tank handle grip available for all Yamaha R6 from 1999 > today :

YAMaha r6 passenger handle on tank yamaha r6 YAMaha r6 passenger handle on tank


Passenger tank handle grip available for all Yamaha R1 from 1998 > today :

yamahar1  passenger handle on tank yamaha r1 2010

Yamaha handle – passenger handle grip attached to the tank

The motorcycles Yamaha type R6, R1 and R6R are compatible with this type of handle.

It is the ideal fastening method for the hands of the passenger travelling behind the motorcycle driver because it does not hinder the movements of the latter, does not moves him sideways at drive away and does not push him in case of sudden braking (as in the classical scenario when the passenger holds tight the driver).

The passenger handle on the tank is the optimum solution, much better than the belts used to tie the passenger to the driver.

Such belts are dangerous because any loss of balance on side of the passenger entails the loss of balance of the driver and consequently of the motorcycle.

The tank handle is made of high-density polyamide, extremely resistant to impact and pulling/ pushing forces.

The limit stress tests used tons/ force (much higher than one could encounter in a real life situation).

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Handle mounting

Stretching Test